Posted by: Ben | April 27, 2009

More photos from the big day

Still on a high today. Yesterday was such an awesome experience. My muscles feel ok. I’m still walking!

There were a lot of stories in today’s papers. I read that over 6,000 people were treated for some form of heat stroke or cramping. Knew it was hard going in parts! Also got my official results, I got 8,726th overall. Not bad in a field of over 36,000!

Here are some more photos from yesterday’s marathon. Kind of in chronological order. Should get the professional ones through soon too.

London Marathon Start

Walking to the start area in Greenwich Park.

London Marathon Start

Start area to get changed and drop off gear bags.

London Marathon Start

Above – the start area looking forwards.
Below – the start area looking behind me. Unbelievable amount of people.

London Marathon Start

London Marathon Start

Another self portrait. I took my camera with me.

London Marathon Start

Above – getting close to passing the start line. Took about 15mins for me to cross the start line after the gun went off. Not a biggie as your time only starts when you cross the line. Didn’t help the nerves though waiting so long.

Below – a series of photos of me coming onto and over Tower Bridge. About half way through.

Running the London Marathon

Running the London Marathon

Running the London Marathon

Running the London Marathon

Running the London Marathon

Running the London Marathon

Below – running through Canary Wharf.

Running the London Marathon

Running the London Marathon

Above – Gordon Ramsay. We crossed the line together but I beat him by 10 mins. Never heard him swear once!

Below – series of me about 1500m from the end. First photo is Amanda on Rob’s shoulders taking a photo of me waving. Quite cool.

Running the London Marathon

Running the London Marathon

Running the London Marathon

Running the London Marathon

Running the London Marathon

Finished with my medal!

Running the London Marathon

Running the London Marathon

Some of my support crew. Thanks guys. Awesome.

Running the London Marathon

Looking along Embankment as we were walking back to catch the tube. Amazing atmosphere and crowd support the whole way.

Below – having a couple of beers in the sun a few hours later.

Running the London Marathon

Posted by: Ben | April 26, 2009

The Big Day

It’s now about 8 hours since I finished the marathon. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life. I just can’t believe how many people came out to support – I reckon 500,000 at least. It was amazing. I lost count of how many times I got those all over adrenaline body tingles around the course. There were bands, drummers, stereo music, cheering, chanting & shouting the whole way round. Incredible and an experience I’ll never forget.

So how’d I go? I got around in 3:54 which I’m stoked about. Would have been nice to have gone a bit faster, into the 3:40s or even 3:30s but I don’t think I got into full stride until mile 20 because there were just so many people. It was also so hot and sunny that it was very hard work over the middle two thirds of the race so I slowed down quite a bit.

Anyway an awesome experience and amazing sense of acheivement. All of the early starts and  long miles seem so worth it now after such an incredible day.

I’ll load up some more photos when I can be bothered sitting in front of a computer and doing it. Can’t think of anything worse right now! Have some good ones that a number of people took. But in the meantime here is one of me about half way round when I was about to go over Tower Bridge. If you can’t see me, I’m the one in the bright green/yellow top with the cheesy smile.

London Marathon

Posted by: Ben | April 24, 2009

My last training run

Just back from a very light run this morning. My last before Sunday. A simple 5min jog, 3x100m sprints and another 5min jog to finish. Everything felt like it was all in place and in pretty good shape.

The months of hard training are over. The big day is only 48 hours away now. I’m ready to go.

Posted by: Ben | April 23, 2009

Final rub down

Had a light massage today. Bloody good. Took the final few kinks out of my legs and lightened them up. Also nice to talk with Peta about the race. It’s all adding to the excitement.

Posted by: Ben | April 22, 2009

Final registration to get my race number

Just back from the final registration step – a personal check in to pick up my race number and other running and sponsor paraphernalia. Lucky for me it was at the Xcel Centre which is only 200m down the road from home.

Seeing so many other runners certainly has added to my excitement. Everyone was so happy, the registration process was seamless and the exhibitors and staff so supportive. An indication of the feeling on Sunday I’d suggest. Can’t wait.


My race number. Game on.


Amanda writing her good luck message for me on the Adidas ‘Impossible is Nothing’ wall.

Posted by: Ben | April 22, 2009

1500 metres to go

Just back from this morning’s run, a light 20min jog. That means I only have one run left of about 1500 metres. And then 42,200 metres on Sunday!

Another lovely morning, photo below from balcony at home taken at 6:30am.


Posted by: Ben | April 21, 2009

Tick tock, tick tock….it’s the final countdown

Loving the beautiful weather over the past few days. Had a stunning sunrise this morning as I did a little 30min jog.

It definitely feels like the final countdown….everyone’s asking how I’m feeling, when does it start, where can I watch, what are you wearing? In short….

I’m feeling great, I start at 9:40am but it may take a while before I actually get over the start line, suggest following the Jubilee line or DLR for best places to watch (see map link on right hand column) and I’m wearing my stunning fluro green singlet.

Only 2 runs to go now….

Posted by: Ben | April 19, 2009

7 days and counting

This time next week I’ll be about half way through the marathon. Can’t wait. Hopefully the weather is just like today. Slightly on the cool side, gentle breeze and partly sunny. Nice enough to get heaps of people out watching, cool enough not to hamper the runners.

Went for a nice 60min run this morning and felt really good. Hadn’t run since Wednesday morning after feeling sick during the week but was full of energy and my legs were nice and bouncy.

Off for a bit of a walk now.

Posted by: Ben | April 16, 2009

Taking it easy

Feeling a lot better today. Still not 100% but far better than yesterday. I took it easy today, slept in and didn’t run. No major to miss training today as have everything in the bank and no matter how much running I do now won’t make me any fitter by next weekend. Really just keeping the cogs turning over and making sure I don’t stiffen up.

Will be fine, thinking combo of lack of sleep and something I ate.

Posted by: Ben | April 15, 2009

Home sick

I left work at lunch today because I was feeling sick/funny. Really sore tummy and just aching all over, particularly my legs. I almost felt hungover. Possibly that’s why my legs felt so heavy this morning.

Had a good sleep when I got home and I feel better. I didn’t sleep well last night so maybe a combo of that and something I ate? Anyway it really made me think, imagine if I came down with something now. I’d be gutted, though unless I’m on my death bed I’m running the race!

Hopefully I’ll wake up feeling well again tomorrow. It’s not worth the risk so won’t get up for an early run. Possibly if I feel ok I’ll go for one after work.

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